In today’s growing e-commerce industry where the cost of marketing strategies always seems to be increasing, acquiring new customers is becoming difficult with each passing day. If this scenario continued to be the same then how will you boost the sale of your e-commerce store? Have you ever given it a single thought? Well, if not then it’s never too late to begin.



First of all, ask yourself, have you ever put an effort to bring your previous customers back? If you don’t have an answer to this then you have to reconsider your marketing strategy. This states that you have not included customer retention in your marketing plan and you have been missing many opportunities to boost your sales.

If you don’t want to miss out any other opportunity in the future then it’s time to build a cohesive strategy for customer retention. In short, it’s time to increase your e-commerce repeat customers because it costs your business  7 x more on average  to acquire a new customer than it does to get a repeat sale from a previous customer.

Here, in this blog post, we are going to share the top 5 tips to increase your e-commerce repeat customers. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Create a customer loyalty program:

There is nobody who does not like rewards or incentives. Make use of this human habit and run a customer loyalty program to reward customers for their loyalty towards your brand. This loyalty program can be started in a number of ways which include giving reward points for every purchase. Reward points make it more obvious that the shoppers purchase everything with a bargain.

Reward Points Extension for Magento2 allows store owners to create a unique loyalty program in the store, encouraging visitors to earn free reward points with every purchase and then spend them on new orders. Offer them a discount after a certain number of purchases and give them exciting prizes, etc.  In short, reward them for their repeat purchases.



Email customers with discount offers and promotions:

One of the best tried-and-true tactics is to offer your customer discounts, as it is good to offer giveaways for their loyalty. Sending those emails with the discount offer details or promise of a free item encourages your customers to come back again to your online store for repeat shopping. So, make a schedule to send an email periodically to each customer clearly stating the best offers if they come and buy from you again.

Introduce an online app of your online store:

Every online store is now aiming for the best user experience by giving an option to its customers to access the online store through the app. If you don’t have one for your online store then it’s time to go for the Ecommerce app development. Send an application launch email to your previous customers and give them discounts on their first purchase using your app. This encourages them to download your app and make a purchase.


Make use of target remarketing:

Using target remarketing is one of the best marketing techniques to get more sales. You just need to figure out which products they’ve visited on your website, put on their wish list/cart, or other similar products they are searching. Create ads accordingly and show them those products around the rest of the web. 

Run a Referral Program:

By encouraging discounts in exchange for referrals is not just the best way to engage with your previous customers but also helps you to gain new customers. Don’t forget over half of all purchase decisions are influenced by word of mouth


Hopefully, you found the above-shared tips to be worth reading and now you are going to put them in use and get benefits from your repeat customers. All the best!