Thousands of new e-commerce stores are launched every year, integrated by myriads of extensions to enhance the overall shopping experience. Although online retailers have no shortage of options today, it is always better to do some research before picking up asolution for your e-commerce store.


pd measurement plugin


If you want to launch your own optical store or are already running one, you have to ensure that your shoppers can easily determine their pupillary distance on your website. That’s where WooCommerce PD Measure Extension appears as a comprehensive solution. This is one of those nitty-gritty extensions that can drastically improve your online business’s credibility and sales.

Don’t believe us? Here’s are a few good reasons to make up your mind!

  • It’s Fast

The PD measurement plugin is super-fast. Just position yourself in the camera with a credit card held upon your chin and you can determine your PD now. This way you can save your shoppers from visiting an optometrist or eye specialist just to obtain their PD details.

  • It’s Accurate 

The WooCommerce PD measurement extension gives your shoppers the accurate PD measurement in just a matter of seconds without any struggle. Also, the tool allows them to add their PD details in their orders when buying eyewear products.

  • It’s Easy-to-Use

The WooCommerce PD measurement plugin only requires a camera and a standard card with a magnetic stripe to determine the PD. The users have to follow the PD Measurer module and take a selfie with the card placed just below the nose. That’s it!

  • It’s Easy-to-Install

WooCommerce pupillary measure plugin can be easily integrated into your online store. A few installation steps on the back-end and your store is ready to measure the PD of your shoppers.

In Addition

The WooCommerce pupillary measurement plugin can also be used for managing SH (Segment Height). Users have to only adjust the red line width to the card magnetic tape to get their SH details. Moreover, the WooCommerce PD measurer is the best way to obtain your user's PD and enhance their shopping experience along with your prescription glasses sales.

So, what are you waiting for now? Go and integrate your eyewear website with the WooCommerce PD Measure Extension today!