Multiple factors collectively determine the success or failure of any e-commerce platform. One of those multiple factors is the bounce rate. The level of bounce rate recorded on your online shop can make or break your business game. This is why you should first understand it carefully.

Types of Bounce Rate:

There are two different types of bounce rate as mentioned below:

> High bounce rate

> Low bounce rate


Coming back to the point, generally, it is considered as bad for business. It is a misconception in everyone’s mind. It all depends on the nature of the bounce rate recorded on your online shop. If it is too high, meaning, there is some problem because your customers are running away from your e-commerce store despite having enough cash in their pocket. You need to wake up and deal with the problem as soon as possible.

What about low bounce rate? This must the question lingering in your mind now. Well, this is something good for your e-commerce store. It is because most of the customers are converting into leads with ease. They are taking further actions after landing on your website.

What exactly is bounce rate?

This is something you should have been explained earlier. However, better late than never! Bounce rate is actually not so easy-to-explain and understand. You can call it the percentage of SPS (Single Page Sessions).

What is the solution to this problem?

This is the challenge this post is going to address. The simplest answer to this question is a simplified checkout page. Yes! You are absolutely right! A Simplified checkout page can easily help reduce transactions bounce rate of your e-commerce store.

easy checkout

How? Do you want to know?

Well, then you should take a good look at all the points mentioned below:

> The default checkout process is reduced to one page only. Your customers don’t have to fill information on multiple pages to be able to pay for their shopping on your e-commerce store.

> The checkout process speeds up by 40% or 50% at least. Meaning, your customers don’t have to spend hours to able to check out.

> Customers do not have to check their cart and go through the multi-step checkout process. They can proceed to checkout without having to bother about visiting their cart.

> Their preferred payment methods are already available there. Means, they can just pay and checkout in a few seconds. This is another way how one step checkout process helps reduce transaction bounce rate significantly.

Actually, there are many more ways single page checkout system helps reduce transaction bounce to help your e-commerce business grow.

The market is flooded with extensions for Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions that help reduce transaction bounce rate of e-commerce stores. One page tabbed checkout in Magento, enhanced checkout one page tabbed pro and one-step checkout Magento 2.0 extension could be the best possible solutions you are looking for.

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