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WooCommerce PD Measurement Plugin

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Woocommerce PD (Pupillary Distance) Measurement Plugin allows your customers to add their PD measurement to their orders when buying eyewear products. In the product page, It requires customers to enter their pd measurement before adding to the cart, in case they don’t have it, they can click a link to measure it, Then the plugin ask them to position themselves in the video with a credit card held up to their chin such that (allows the plugin to get a point of reference to determine measurements the optometrist).

  • Fast, accurate pupillary distance measurement tool
  • Capture your PD instantly
  • As easy as taking a picture

Woocommerce PD (Pupillary Distance) Measurement Plugin


Want to make your user's glasses just right? Then you know it’s important to measure your Pupillary Distance or PD correctly, while not a medical record, PD is used for ordering eyeglasses, whether in-person or online. Without a good PD the glasses will not feel good and can cause blurriness and dizziness.We have made optical store owner's life easy by creating this Woocommerce compatible PD measure plugin.

Our Woocommerce PD Measurement plugin is the fastest and easiest way to obtain your user's pupillary distance (PD).It's important to reassure your customers with professional measurement tools to increase prescription glasses sales. 

pd measurement plugin



Why is it Important?

If your PD isn’t right, it can cause eye strain, fatigue, or simply not being able to see properly. The higher your prescription, the bigger the effect an incorrect PD can have.Your eyes should view the world through the best part of your lenses and since your pupils are in the middle of your eye, we make your lenses with that central point in mind. So, get measuring!

How does it Work?

It only requires a camera and a standard card with magnetic stripe. The customer should use the PD Measurer module and take a selfie with the card placed just below the nose and that’s it!


What sets Woocommerce PD Measurer Apart?

  • Controlled Protocol
  • Accuracy
  • Immediate Results
  • Easy Integration
  • PD and SH measurement

Plugin Details:

Let's know about this plugin in detail,take a look at the way it benefits customers and your online eyewear business:

  • After the plugin installation, front-end look of the tool will be like shown below:


  • Gives customers options to take their picture through webcam or upload it by clicking manually:

pd tool



  • Customers can follow the instructions on how to adjust the markers for accurate results:



pd tool measurement


  • After the picture is uploaded, values will be automatically detected by the tool or user can manually adjust the marker according to the given instructions.


pd measure 



  • For SH management, user can adjust the red line width to the card magnetic tape, which is by default set to 200, also user get the option to rotate the red line in case image is placed diagonally.

pd tool


What are you waiting for? Go, hit the Buy button and drive more user base and sales to your optical website. We are available 24/7 to support you!

Any queries? Feel free to chat or call us @ +91 8146468430, +91 9646223388.

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