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Product Countdown Timer Plugin in WooCommerce

Launch multiple scheduled sales campaigns such as flash sales, seasonal promotions, pre-launch offers, daily deals and more with an engaging countdown timer to encourage visitors to grab the deal before it’s too late.

  •  Discount offers with countdown timer
  •  Recurring campaigns that recur after a set interval
  •  Automatic deal activation & deactivation
  •  Real-time stock status
  •  Multiple rules to customize campaigns
  •  Display coupon expiry timer
  •  Early bird discount to reward fast movers

Demo Credentials:

Username: admin

Password: admin@123

Want to create multiple discount offers for a set period that activate and deactivate automatically on the set times?  Discount & Sale Countdown Timer Plugin in WooCommerce lets you do everything you want to.

This is a unique Plugin, designed to allow online store owners to launch multiple deals and discount offers with engaging countdown timer, encouraging visitors to grab the deal before it’s too late.

The store owner can easily set the campaign start date, duration, pause period and details about the cut-off. The products with discount are displayed with a countdown timer and available stock under the particular deal.

Urgency and scarcity are both powerful psychological triggers when it comes to converting visitors into buyers. And this plugin works on the same method, encouraging them to take fast action and avoid missing out.


> Launch Multiple Deals with Countdown Timer

Set up multiple deals with discounts for a set of time. Choose the start and end time & date, and this plugin will handle the activation and deactivation part. Each deal comes with an engaging countdown timer.

> Create Recurring Campaigns

No need to set up the same discount offers after it’s deactivated. Simply choose to re-start the campaign and the deal is displayed on pre-selected and deactivates on the end time.


> Automatic Activate & Deactivate Deals

Discount & Sale Countdown Timer Plugin in WooCommerce will automatically activate and deactivate the deals on selected ‘start’ and ‘end’ time on the selected dates.


> Display Real-Time Stock Status

Encourage more visitors to grab the deal by displaying real-time stock status so they know about the limited stock quantity through a persuasive ‘counter bar.’


> Display Sticky Header/Footer

Engaging sticky headers and footers, designed to encourage more visitors to get more information about the on-going campaigns. Entice them with lucrative deals.


> Display Coupon Expiry Timer

This plugin allows you to display various coupon codes with a feature to display their expiry date and time. Display the coupon expiry time to jolt them into action.


> Upcoming Products

Display upcoming deals so people are ready to enjoy great benefits as the countdown timer automatically activates the discount offer.


> Set early Bird Discounts

Make the discount offers more lucrative by displaying ‘early bird offer’ where the first few shoppers may be eligible for additional discount or benefit, apart from the current deal offers.




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