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Word Press Image Banner Slider Plugin

WordPress Banner Slider Plugin allows website owners to create beautiful multiple slides, edit the slides with the option to edit every heading, text, image, button, and video with the customization options.

> Create Multiple Slides With No Editing Required

> Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Design

> Option to Edit Heading, Text, Image & Videos

> Build Design With 6 Varied Layers

> Font and Style manager system

Demo Credentials:

Username: admin

Password: admin@123

Want to impress your website visitors with engaging, interactive live images on your WordPress website? WordPress Banner Slider Plugin makes it possible to create and display a series of banners (sliders), which otherwise isn’t possible with default WordPress settings.

Using sliders on websites has always been the most effective method or promotions and user engagement as the slides are available at the top of your web page, allowing you to keep visitors engaged for longer. It is so helpful and vital for marketing campaigns.

WordPress Banner Slider Plugin is a unique tool, designed to empower the website owners with the ability to create multiple slides, customize them and add various types of effects (Horizontal, Vertical, Fade) to make the slides even more attractive.

This plugin comes with an auto-play timing option, allowing you to set the particular to display each slide banner. Also, the slide banners come with arrow, bullet, autoplay bar, shadow and thumbnail features.

You can easily change all the details on slides that matter in typography and style.


> Display Multiple Slides at Front-end

WordPress Banner Slider Plugin allows store owners to easily display multiple slide banners with beautiful interface. Admins have the complete freedom to build what and how they want. Option available to edit their slides as they used to in page builder. The plugin also offers the ability to use drop layers after each other structure them with rows and columns.

> Live Timeline

Website owner can set the time to display each banner at frontend. After the set time, the banner will slide to the next with another set timeline.

 > Beautiful Background

Along with the engaging banners, website owner can choose to display 9 smooth background animals so the visitors never lose their interest on the website.

> Customizable Controls

This is a highly customizable plugin, allowing website owners to use the customizable controls like Arrows, Bullets, Autoplay, Bar, Thumbnails, and Shadows.

> Layouts with Layers

This Plugin allows website owners to enhance their slider with the layers and make the website even more interactive and engaging. Website owner can edit each heading, text, image, button and video with the customization options.

> Responsive Design

The banner slides don’t look attractive on large screens, but also perform the same on smaller devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

> Create with Page Builder

Website owner can easily create or edit the slides with page builder with ability to drag and drop the layers anywhere on the slide.

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