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One-Step Checkout Magento 2.0 Extension

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One-Page Checkout Magento2 Extension offers online shoppers a 40% faster checkout with dynamic loading and other features that make it a must-have for every retail store. It helps reduce the cart abandonment rate while increasing your sales 2x while enhancing user experience.

  • Default checkout process reduced to one-page
  • 40% faster checkout
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly design
  • Early coupon code availability

Demo Credentials

username: admin

password: admin@#456



Take your Magento2 shopping platform to the next level of success with enhanced performance and scalability using the One-Page Checkout Magento2 Extension that combines all default Magento2 steps into one to make your sales 2x faster without dropping any item off in carts.

No customer would want to go back and forth just to fill the lengthy checkout detail form or to change any uncorrected field as all required sections can be displayed beautifully and clearly in only one page.




It comes with the advanced dynamic loading with Knockout.JS, making checkout process super-fast that is 40% faster than the default Magento2 checkout and discount coupon code field is available before the order placement field, which means buyers can now check if the coupon code is applicable or not before they hit “Place Order’ button.

Sometimes, online buyers want to check the payment methods available on a particular platform and this extension makes it available at the early stage. Buyers can check available payment methods to make smarter decisions.


Key Features:

> One-Page Checkout

Checkout process made faster, easier, and convenient with all fields available at a single page, unlike default two-page Magento checkout process.

> 40% Faster Checkout

Powered with one-page checkout and Knockout.JS this extension reduces the default Magento2 checkout to 40% faster.

> Dynamic Loading

This extension is powered by dynamic loading with Knockout.JS that makes it super-fast, allowing buyers to complete purchase faster.

> Coupon Code Available Early

No need to wait to place an order to check coupon code as this extension makes available this field before users hit “Place Order” button.

> Billing Address Below Shipping

Because this extension makes shopping fun and fast, billing address field is available just below the shipping address field for better experience.

> Display Payment Methods

Keep your visitors and buyers aware of payment methods available at the early stage to let buyers make smarter decisions.

> Responsive Design

Responsive design makes it work perfectly on almost any device for the desired smoother checkout experience.

> All Payment Methods Supported

Forget about the payment methods compatibility as One-Page Checkout Magento2 Extension supports all available payment methods.

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