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Advanced WooCommerce Eyeglasses Lenses Prescription Plugin

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Advanced WooCommerce Eye Glasses and Lenses Prescription Plugin is a boon for optical industry seeking help in getting prescription from their users, It displays features to select particular prescription attributes, lenses and their addons.

  • A proven solution for digital eyewear stores
  • Displays pre-configured options for fields of lens type products
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Prescription visible at cart page.



Backend Demo Credentials:

User Name: DemoUser

Password: MiidXCDkQUQOUjGnSquDPP9T


Advanced WooCommerce Eye Glasses and Lenses Prescription Plugin


Now a day's mostly people search everything online and a great website can impact your business career in more ways. We are a team of digital and design specialists providing website development, E-commerce solutions and digital marketing to the Optical sector. We have developed this Advanced WooCommerce Eye Glasses and Lenses Prescription Plugin specially for the optical store owners to enhance their online presence.


This WooCommerce compatible plugin allows your customers to specify their needs related to the lens type they want to purchase from your online eyewear store. At the same time, it has everything for the admin to control things from the backend. It can benefit online lens buyers as well as store admins, you can say it is boon for digital eyewear store!


Top Features:

  • Suits on every type of Eyeglasses and Lenses prescription
  • Have multiple lens options
  • Compatible with WordPress & WooCommerce
  • Anti Reflective Option
  • Sphere Select Option
  • Cylinder Select Option
  • Axis Select Option
  • Add Select Option
  • Pupils Distance Select Option

Plugin Details:

Let's know about this magical plugin in detail. Advanced WooCommerce Eye Glasses and Lenses Prescription Plugin displays attributes that your customers needs to specify when ordering their eyeglasses or lens prescription or they can upload the prescription manually as well. Admin can take control of things which are available under the SoftProdigy Prescription tab on the backend.


WooCommerce eyeglasses prescription plugin


You can access these features by logging in successfully, just scroll down and navigate to SoftProdigy Prescription tab containing features like:

  • Glasses Prescription
  • Lens Prescription
  • List Lens Types
  • Add Lens Types
  • List Lens Thickness
  • Add Lens Thickness
  • List Glass Coatings
  • Add Glass Coatings
  • List Tints
  • Add Tints


Digital Transformation for your Optical Business

Let’s take a look at the way it benefits customers and your online eyewear business:


  • Offers customers to enter the details as they appear on their prescription letter given by the doctor.

lens 1


  • Gives customers options to select the eyeglasses prescription and add lenses accordingly.

prescription lens plugin


  • Customers can select and confirm the type of eyeglasses, lenses and add on they need and can submit the requirements easily.

 lens 4


  • Shows prescription data filled by the customer before placing the order to help them purchase exactly the lens/frame type they are looking for.


 .lens 6



  • Customer will be able to see the product details along with the prescription values mentioned.



  • Shows Prescription to the customers on Shopping Cart Page along with the price details.


lens 8

  • Offers customers a Feature called My Account. This section contains all kinds of information about the prescriptions ordered by customers.


 lens 13



See, how this plugin has made life easy for all the customers and optical store owners. Now, let's take a look at the wealth of backend features it provides to admins.


Backend Features Advanced WooCommerce Eyeglasses Lenses Plugin Offers For Admins:

In order to integrate SoftProdigy Eyeglass Lens Prescription Plugin in your digital eyewear store, it becomes important for you to know about the wealth of backend features it provides to make life and business growth easier.

The ease of installation and activation. It hardly takes a minute or two to get it installed. Once the installation process is carried out successfully, follow the steps mentioned below to activate it:


  • Login to your WooCommerce account and scroll down to get to the Plugins option.
  • This is where you will see options to Activate and Delete SoftProdigy Eyeglass Prescription Plugin.
  • Just click on Activate option and wait to get it activated.


 back 1


  • After the plugin is installed you can navigate to SoftProdigy Prescription tab to adjust the glasses prescription setting.


back 2


  • Gives admin option to change the glass prescription configuration as required, values from and to can be entered with difference.


back 3


  • Offers options to add value for lens prescription on basis of Transparent, Cosmetic, Toric etc.


 back 4


  • Advanced WooCommerce Eyeglass Plugin offers admins to add lens type with image and description.

 back 5


  • Allows admins to add new lens type from Add Lens Type option given.


 back 6


  •  Admins can easily list lens thickness with images and prices as required.

back 7


  •  Admins can easily add new glass coating with Name, Type, image and Price.
back 8


  •  Admins can add tints with specific color and their prices.

back 9


  •  Admins can choose prescription type for eyeglasses or lenses as required.

back 10



  • Admins can choose lens type for each product on whatever product they want to showcase.

back 11


  • Admins can add Lens type option for contact lenses products from admin section in prescription.
back 12


  • Admins can see the customer's added prescription in WooCommerce Order section.
back 13


Hope you are overwhelmed with all the features mentioned here, Advanced WooCommerce Eyeglasses Lenses Plugin will be proven as a perfect addon for your online eyeglasses store for business growth.

What are you waiting for? Go, hit the Buy button and drive more user base and sales to your optical website.

We are available 24/7 to support you!

Any queries? Feel free to chat or call us @ +91-9729301335.

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